If you would like more information concerning our Historical Society and Museum, please contact us.  For specific needs, please contact one of the staff or a member of the Board of Directors.


Historical Society Office & Nampa Train Depot Museum

1200 Front Street / P.O. Box 595
Nampa, ID 83653
(208) 467-7611


Our Memories
Indian Creek Museum

1122 Main Street
Caldwell ID  83605
(208) 459-1413

General Information



Board of Directors


Larry Cain, Nampa, ID

President Emeritus 

Pati Sweet, Nampa, ID

Vice President

Bob Sobba, Caldwell, ID


Judy Boothe, Caldwell, ID


Carol Murphy, Caldwell, ID

Past President

Bob Wagner, Nampa, ID

Board Members

Carl (Bill) Roos, Caldwell, ID
Leta Boatman, Caldwell, ID
Jerry Cornilles, Nampa, ID
Mike Gable, Nampa, ID
Eriks Garsvo, Nampa, ID
Brandi Horsley-Krajnik, Nampa, ID
David Miles, Nampa, ID
Alice Steffensen, Nampa, ID
Chuck Steffensen, Nampa, ID
 Aldis Garvso, Nampa, ID
Gail Christiancy, Nampa, ID
Daryl Hood, Nampa, ID

Alan Hochhalter, Nampa, ID

Reed Hoefling, Nampa, ID

Theresa Roos, Caldwell, ID